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Focus in your brand and leave the email marketing and automation work to us.

It’s tough to keep a lean marketing team and still over-perform in every single marketing channel or strategy.
That’s where sendXmail(s) comes to the rescue.

Imagine sendXmail(s), as your in-house email marketing and automation team without paying as such. If you would hire an email marketing strategist, copywriter, designer, coder, sender specialist… sorry the list doesn’t end here, but you get the picture. It would break your budget.

Now, you can have all this team and more, with just a fraction of the price.

sendXmail email marketing and automation strategy

Email Marketing and Automation Strategy as Full Service

Regularly, the team will adapt the email marketing and automation strategy according to the analysis inputs and business intel.

At the first approach to your email marketing and automation goals, a full study is deployed to create a strategy to perform accordingly. That primary strategy will not be touched.

However, some tactics and small aspects of the strategy may need some changes according to new information or data.

That’s why it is so important to have a resident strategist to keep everything fine-tuned.

Email Marketing and Automation Copywriting as Full Service

It happens to everyone. That writers’ block. Do you know what to prepare and send to your email marketing list? What copy should be more personalised and compelling to work with your automation flow?

It’s not just copywriting. It’s copywriting for email marketing or, depends on which channel you’re using with your automation. Experience is everything. To know what works is critical.

With our email marketing and automation copywriting as a full service, that won’t be an issue.

full service
full service

Email Marketing and Automation Design as Full Service

Design is hard. Good design is rare. Excellent design, according to the medium/channel is the holy grail.

There’s no “one designer fits all” in this scene. A good email designer who knows the limitations of email newsletters and that is only achievable by experience. It’s all the doing and testing.

With this email marketing and automation full service design, you’ll get an experienced designer to craft your beautiful and functional messages.

Email Marketing and Automation Code as Full Service

Guess what? Code for Email Marketing or Automation flows is not the same thing as to code webpages. Eventually, we all get there. But it’s a trying and error procedure that may cost you dearly.

With sendXmail(s) email marketing and automation full service code team, you can rest assured that everything will be adequate for every device.

Please don’t risk it. Place your bets into a professional team with experience in this market.

full service
sendXmail email marketing and automation analysis

Email Marketing and Automation Analytics as Full Service

Analysing email marketing, and automation flow results can be daunting. Especially to extract actionable data which you can use in future actions.

It’s a craft on its own. Check the sendXmail(s) own visual data dashboards. With the email marketing and automation full service analytics, your results will be clear and actionable.

In a digital ecosystem, you can measure almost everything. However, always respecting your audience’s privacy and interests.


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