You must know that savvy Cab Driver that knows every shortcut, every street on a busy city. The one that saves you from traffic jams and delivers you always on time at your destination. He doesn’t let you miss a plane, a meeting, a special event.

And yes, he must have a full charged, powerful engine Cab to drive you without incident to your location. However, if the cab is driven by another driver, the result is completely different. You still don’t have any problem with the Cab itself, but the experience and results are so much different.

I think this analogy comes into perfection when it comes to explain what sendXmail really is. Of course we use powerful email & mobile marketing platforms that can deliver your communication (represents the Cab in this case). We can still use any other platform, at least if it has the necessary requirements (engine, perhaps), but it’s the expertise, the knowledge and the freshness of doing it every day that makes all the difference.

Why are we the Savvy Cab Driver?

Cab Driver

Well, as the smart and experienced Cab Driver of a monumental busy city needs to know every shortcut and above all, how the traffic usually flows in every city’s artery at any time, we must also know how to achieve your objectives like the back of our hands. Of course, you can get another cab to get at the same place, but you may lose time to market, against the competition and above all, be stuck on a traffic jam somewhere while paying a high charging fee for the time wasted at the cab meter.

Are you becoming tired of this analogy. Fine, let’s move on. You already get the picture by now.

So, when you find somewhat confused about what we do, remember this. We’re not platform focused, we’re Objective Focused Email & Mobile Marketing Experts. We can work with any good platform even though we can advise if you don’t use a proper one. But most of all, the general purpose it’s to achieve better results and provide the Return of Your Investment by doing what years of experience has provided to sendXmail‘s top professionals.

I hope this can help explain better what we do. 😉 Otherwise, you can always ask anything at the comments or getting in touch with us using our social networks or contact page.


Rui Nunes

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Rui Nunes é o Fundador da sendXmail(s), criada para ser a melhor estratégia de Email Marketing & Automação para o seu retorno de investimento.

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