It’s best practice to focus all of our posts and content on… You!

However, most of the content published nowadays pervert that same notion. It’s all written as it is for you, but it’s basically about what the brand wishes to share.

What makes this post any different? Nothing, possibly.

There’s something different inherent on every word of this text. Sentiment!

How can something like sentiment be involved on something shared by a brand? When the person that’s writing it personifies that same brand and it’s emotionally involved on how it relates to the customer. And it seems a full blown picture of me: Rui Nunes.

When I launched sendXmail a few years ago, it was just a dream of helping brands on reach out their audience using the very best practices through their messaging systems. 3 Years have passed and now I couldn’t be more proud on what we’ve accomplished and our path behind. But then again, this is us.

And the purpose of this post is all about You again. And what do I want to share with you? The all reason for us to still work hard and give the best we can provide is because you’re there. It’s because we can make a difference on how you can improve your relationship and the way you reach out your audience. Sometimes, at the cost of our own communication. We’re so focused on giving the very best work to our clients that we tend to not deliver what we promised to our own audience. For that, I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry. And thankful!

Thank you so much for being there all this time. Thank you for deserving your trust.

So, it’s with all our heart that we want to wish you Merry Christmas and a truly Happy Holiday season. You really deserve it.

Rui Nunes

About Rui Nunes

Rui Nunes é o Fundador da sendXmail(s), criada para ser a melhor estratégia de Email Marketing & Automação para o seu retorno de investimento.

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