What Kind of Payments do You Accept ?

Credit cards, Paypal or bank transfers. If this isn’t something that you’re ok with, just drop us a line and our customer support team will try to adequate your needs with our systems.

Why was my Account Suspended?

If it isn’t a system failure, it may be originated in some SPAM complaint or a breach of contract with our services. We take very zealously the best practices in Email and Mobile Marketing, so if for some reason we register a high volume of complaints or data that indicate your malpractice, the account will be suspended without further notice to prevent other clients to be harm by your actions.

Can I Change Plans or Cancel at Any Time?

Yes you can. To do that you must first contact your Dedicated Account Manager or ask your petition through our ticket system and will be fulfilled as soon as possible. Remember the different time periods in which you can still change plans without being charged for the actual plan. You can check them out at the Terms and Conditions link.

How About Refunds ?

We make refunds if it’s proven a clear malfunction of our platforms or services. To do a refund, it must comply with our terms and conditions and if not made anticipated by our team, you can make your complaint right at our help desk tickets.

Do You Provide Training Courses and Workshops?

Yes we do. There’s several ways to acquire information from our expert team. One of the most obvious but sometimes neglected by visitors is the newsletter. We work very hard on our newsletters and try to insert as much tips and tricks that we can on a single email. Other than that, special dedicated courses, video tutorials and special online workshops are created periodically to improve your knowledge on the different media best practices. Remember, we believe in informed customers.

Support Included ?

Obviously sendXmail is all about support and customer care. That’s why we don’t promote ourselves as a single technology platform but a Full Service Email and Mobile Marketing system. We thrive in giving an excellent service to our customers, so besides we rely in the best technology and expert teams we also try to have everything ready to operate smoothly. Otherwise, our support team will take care of the situation in record time.

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

Here are several ways to contact us

Need Support ?

You can reach our Support Team by filling a simple ticket and the team will answer swiftly!

Reach Out

You can reach our Sales Team right here if needed. However, we can’t have a follow-up ticket through this method.