Email Marketing and Automation should be all about relevancy to your audience.

Respect your audience and give them what they want. Not what you want to say. It’s all about what they can benefit from what you’re communicating.

Ask their permission first. Once you have it, make sure you deliver on the promise.

Email Marketing and Automation Done Right

Email Marketing

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Email Marketing represents approximately €44 for every €1 spent. That’s massive ROI if you think about it. It’s also the main reason for so many people keep doing it wrong.

With that massive return of investment, it works even when you grossly spam people or send annoying email messages.

But when you do excellent Email Marketing, the outcome is really amazing. Check some of the Do’s and Dont’s that were inspired by our friends at Campaign Monitor.

Grow Your List

Using Permission-Based subscription forms.

Opt-in all the way

Your audience needs to know what they're subscribing to. You must be clear about the content you're going to send them, the regularity of each newsletter and if you're sharing the data with someone else.

Buy Your List

Acquire your list through other procedures other than opt-in

There's no shortcut

If you buy or use email addresses from people that haven't subscribed directly to your brand, you're going to end up with spam complaints and with terrible sender reputation.

Greet Your Audience

Make your subscriber feel welcome by sending a welcome email

Welcome Your Subscriber

As soon as someone subscribes, send a welcome email with next steps, what they can expect from future newsletters. It's also an excellent opportunity to engage them into a second goal.

Ghost Your Subscriber

Now that they have subscribed, you disappear into the mist.

Ghost Them

They've done what you want and have subscribed. But now, they only hear from you again in a few weeks. Do you expect them to remember your brand? That they've subscribed to you?

Subject Line & Pre-Header

Catchy, attention-getting subject line and pre-header

Optimize for Mobile

If you have a smartphone, you might have noticed that the pre-header text plays a huge role in someone opening your email. If the subject line and pre-header work hand-in-hand, it will perform better.

Forget to Use Pre-Headers

So, you're one of those who send emails with a "if you can't see..."

Don't forget the Pre-Header

Don't forget to use everything that email technology allows you to take advantage of visual real-estate. The pre-header and first sentences of your email play a considerable role in the success of your campaign.

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Segment Your Audience

Make it relevant

Relevance through Segmentation

If you segment your audience, you'll be able to understand to which individuals you should send a specific content. They'll reward you with sales.

Send Email Blasts

Send the same email to everyone

Email Blasts are so 1998

If you send the exact same email to everyone, you're missing out. Not everyone is in the same stage of the buying cycle. You need to understand which of the subscribers need to receive each content.

Get Personal

Personalization can represent almost 26% more opens

Personal to the Core

If you can make use of personalization in your email subject lines or pre-header, it can represent more than 26% of higher open-rate.

Make it as a Poster

It's like having a poster in the lounge

As generic as it can be 🙁

If you're sending emails as if you're making statements and announces to everyone, you're doing it wrong. It's like having a poster in the hotel lounge. Nobody notices it unless they have to while waiting.

Use Marketing Automation

Create customer journeys and nurture your leads

Marketing Automation Done Right

Use Marketing Automation to send the most relevant email messages to each individual according to their customer journey or storytelling process. Nurture leads according to their status.

Keep Sending One-Off Emails

It won't create a coherent communication flow

Disconnected Messages

When you're not using the benefits of Marketing Automation, you're missing big time. The messages will seem disconnected, and your results will become weaker as time goes by.

Check the Email Marketing and Automation Solutions

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Tailor Messages to Your Audience

Make use of dynamic content to deliver a tailored experience

Dynamic Content to the Rescue

Fortunately, you don't need to create a hundred different messages to make a tailored experience. Dynamic content will create personalized email marketing to each individual.

Use the Same Images and Copy to All

Again, it's like one size fits all

Everyone is the Same

Everyone will get the same images, copy and colors. Are your audience exactly the same? Then, why are you sending the same message to everyone?

Test Everything

A/B test everything before jump to conclusions

Easy A/B Testing

Even the most experienced email marketers in the world don't know how each individual or segment will receive some emails. That's why we need to test everything before sending out.

Just Trust Your Judgment

It seems that you have a crystal ball in your hands

Are You a Psychic?

You must be a pretty good one because you know how all the people will react to your email. That must be amazing. The problem is that it doesn't reflect in your results.

Improve Based on Data

Check your analytics and reports to know how to improve

Analysis is Everything

You can only improve if you know what happened before and where you can do something to get better. Data analysis and thorough reports are the base of constant improvement.

Ignore Your Data

Disregard the previous reports and results

No Room for Improvement

Again, you must be trusting a lot in your gut feeling. How can you know that you're doing better than in the previous emails if you don't analyse and report it?

Marketing Automation

sendXmail - marketing automation

Marketing Automation is THE trend in Digital Marketing. The reason for that is simple: huge benefits.

Did you know that when you use Marketing Automation, you have a 53% higher conversion rate from marketing response to a qualified marketing lead?  

In B2B marketing, it has revealed a 10% increase in the sales pipeline contribution. Overall, 20% of the sales increase is attributed to automated lead nurturing. 

Did we need to say more? Check some of the Dos and Don’ts of Marketing Automation bellow.

Where Your Team Can Save Time

Check where your team can benefit from repetitive tasks

Save Time and Money

Optimize your team's time and effort by automating repetitive tasks, recurring activities and procedures. If it can be automated, do it.

Automate When it Should be Personalized

Using Automation when people ask for a human approach

Don't over Automate

Sometimes, the prospect is in a particular customer journey that requires a personalized approach and not an automated one. If you automatize too much, it can backfire and let someone down, losing a sale.

Automate What Already Works

Use what your sales reps already tested and proven it works

Use What Works

Your sales reps already tested a lot of processes and know your customers better than anyone. They know what they need to receive in each sales process. Automate it accordingly.

Lose Perspective

Keep your focus in your target market

Target Market is Everything

Keep in mind your target market at all times. It would be best if you were as specific as possible with the rule criteria to make sure which contact, lead, prospect it will impact. Otherwise, it will do more harm than good.

Audit it Constantly

Make sure that everything runs smoothly at all times

Audit is Vital

Review all your workflows, rules and criteria at all times. Sometimes, there are times when you need to change almost everything because of social, political or economic influences.

Over Automate

Don't over do it and keep it simple

Over Automate is a Thing

Sometimes we can be carried away and create rules that can overflow over others. Make sure that messages and workflows are simple and don't compete between them.

Check our Email Marketing and Automation Solutions

If we can be of assistance to your Email Marketing and Automation needs, feel free to reach out.

Email Marketing and Automation is one of the most effective stacks of digital marketing you can find. Email is universal. Everyone has access to it in the digital world. 

Marketing Automation is much more than sending emails. Is to coordinate different communication channels to automatically display relevant messages to each person according to specific criteria. It’s SMS, Dynamic insite content, Push notifications, Retargeting ads, emails and even letters or voice messages. All coordinated to keep your prospect engaged with your brand.