Oh, there it comes… another pro newsletter is here and what it’s in it for me? Why should I care about this new newsletter? And why are we saying that it’s a launch when a newsletter already existed before?

The answer to these and other questions are all cleared out in this article. First of all, let me explain why we’re calling this a brand new pro newsletter if we already had one before.

Why are we launching a brand new PRO Newsletter?

Well, the main reason is that we’ve been listening to you. As in any marketing, the most important thing we must do on an ongoing basis is to listen to our audience. Listen to what you need or want.

This brand new newsletter is precisely the result of all that listening. Our team has found out that you wanted something filled with “digestible” precious information with actionable strategies regularly. You might say that this wouldn’t be that hard to find out. You’re right. What was a complete mindblown was to find out why you appreciate consuming some content more than others.

According to a few studies, and this is just one of them, an overabundance of content leads to attention lost. It’s already a known fact. What makes someone pay attention to content is when you feel something similar to scarcity. More precisely, “Attention is often described as a commodity of which there is a shortage (scarcity), or as a source of commodification and monetisation (Webster 2014; Van Dijck 2013; Van Dijck, Poell, and De Waal 2018).”

That’s one of the reasons for which we wanted to create something that just a few will have the chance to enjoy it.

Why are we launching a paid newsletter?

First of all, we are launching a paid version because the content is well worth it. Every single week, a completely new, updated pro newsletter will be created by myself, Rui Nunes, sendXmail(s) founder.

The second biggest reason is that studies show that you’ll take more attention to something that you’re paying for than to a free newsletter. We’ve tried that way, and we still have a monthly free version for those who don’t want or don’t have the means to pay for it. However, it won’t have the entire content that will be shared with the pro newsletter.

This is what will be shared with each pro newsletter.

One Actionable Insight with your Pro Newsletter

Every week, one utterly new insight will be shared with straightforward ways for you to apply in your email marketing and automation actions. Which means that you can learn from it and apply instantly on your email marketing.

These insights will be shared, based on hundreds of thousands of campaigns and email marketing successful strategies. You’ll have references to go deep if you wish to, but the insight itself will be synoptic and filled with value. You can extract the most value in a short time.

Our team is here to support you

If you consider to reach out and start to get a 4200% ROI from your investment, get in touch!
4200% ROI

One Case Study with your Pro Newsletter

With each pro newsletter, you’ll also have access to a singular case study from which you can learn and apply to your email marketing and automation. These case studies have internal and external sources. Some of them will be from our client’s results and research. Others will be from trustworthy sources.

Either way, it’s a way to enjoy our tests and see what has worked or not, with specific conclusions that you can apply to your future strategies.

We can learn from what others have already tried and will avoid applying the same mistakes. Even though we can always learn from others, we need to understand that each case is specific and needs careful adaptation.

One Actionable Idea for You to Test

Sometimes it’s tough to come up with ideas to test and see if it works with our audience. That’s why it is so important to have little snippets of inspiration with ideas for you to try and see if it resonates with your subscribers or audience.

Every week, with your Pro Newsletter, you’ll receive a fresh new actionable idea for you to apply to your email marketing and automation strategies. Call it an “inspirational friend” if you will.

This one is on me

This pro newsletter is entirely done by me, with the support and help of my colleagues just to curate some worthly links or studies. It’s a result of years of experience and know-how that you can enjoy in a compact format.

Every week, I’ll take particular care with a focus on delivering quality and value. The aim is to provide a feeling and an experience that you’re underpaying what you get every single week.

Our main goal with this pro newsletter

You may call it a conclusion if you will, but our primary goal is for you to make the most of your email marketing and automation investment. It’s a way to share information that you’ll pay more attention to, and we hope that you may apply it more often. Imagine that you’re paying for a training course. Because it’s what it is. A complete, actionable email marketing and automation course provided in weekly classes, with practical cases to apply immediately before it even ends.

This pro newsletter is a big commitment by sendXmail(s), and everyone in the team is excited about it. We really think that you’ll benefit dearly by this project and more importantly, it will reflect on your business.

How have we ended up with the 8€/month price tag? The price needed to be affordable enough for the majority of our audience to be able to access it and still make you understand that’s worthy. Also, the number 8 is really special to us because it represents the infinity symbol. What you’re paying is also providing you with the means to keep asking for more. If you make your math, you’ll find out that you’re paying just about 1€ per newsletter, if you use the yearly payment, which is a steal if you value the quality of what we’re sharing with you regularly.

Infinity Cycle of Goodness to sendXmail pro Newsletter

Having said that, why don’t you subscribe to our Pro Newsletter and test it? If you don’t like it, you can unsubscribe at any moment and stop the monthly payment. But we don’t believe you’ll do that. It’s more likely that you’ll share this gem to your friends and colleagues also to help them.

Please, feel free to comment on what you think about this new pro newsletter and if you want, share with your friends and family. We’ll appreciate if you spread the word out.

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