A few months ago, Virgínia Coutinho, the founder of Upload Lisboa, the leading digital marketing and communication conference in Portugal asked me to join their cause and help the team to engage the proper way with the community using email marketing. This involved much more than sending a few emails to the already highly segmented list of people interested in past editions of the event.

The Challenge by Upload Lisboa

Even though they always have done the best to ensure that everyone was informed about the value of this event, as an obvious evolution of the event itself, they needed to upgrade their involvement and give an even better experience to their community.

So, I’ve gathered with the sendXmail(s) team and develop a great strategy to help Upload Lisboa pass their message and actually make clear to everyone about their key assets and value. Increasing conversion and sign-ups it’s also a requirement since we wanted to be a so much bigger event than the last ones. So, the challenge was clear and accepted.

During our work we felt that we could be a part of the Upload’s Community and create value by sharing our advanced strategies for getting more clients, doubling your email open rate and to build a system that controls your entire email marketing.

Also, acknowledging the curious mind of Upload Lisboa attendees, we are offering you a rare glimpse under the hood at sendXmail(s). We will show you free of charge our actual systems, the scripts we use and the email marketing systems we used to help Virginia and others to boost their emails lists, engage with her community and create clients for life.

What Does This Mean for You?

By taking the time to invest in yourself, by participating in a great event, with lots of success stories, you’ve already set yourself apart from the vast majority of other people. And we want to help you get more from what you have.

We’re going to talk about success at a tactic level, digging into powerful principles that top companies use to master their email lists.

This is going to be awesome.

Rui Nunes

About Rui Nunes

Rui Nunes is the Founder of sendXmail(s), Email Marketing and Automation Full Service Agency.

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