Thank You. At the time you’re reading this, you might be already tired of seeing brands recurring to this Thanksgiving tactic. However, this is far from a marketing tactic for us.

Our founder, Rui Nunes, decided to encapsulate our thoughts in a short message. 

Thank You for Being There

“This has been a challenging year for several reasons. It seems that every year is like that in a way, but this year, most of us were caught a bit off-guard.

As much planning you would do, nothing would have prepared you for what this year has brought to everyone at a personal and professional level.

My primary concern as a business owner was to make sure that our team was well taken care of and that our clients would find our services useful during this rollercoaster of events.

The first part was managed in our team spirit of mutual helping and support. Since we were already working remotely, nothing has really changed in that department, but we made sure that everyone had counselling and other needs covered if they were affected in some way. 

Fortunately, we have kept everyone on board, and we even improve the working conditions. That’s why I wish to thank YOU.

This was only possible because of you. 

Thank You, all of you

And who are you?

You’re the client, that kept business thriving and understood our processes and workflows to optimize the team’s time, and be able to please everyone.

You’re the partner that has gone above and beyond to accomplish our requests to show excellent work to our clients.

You’re the team player that gave your entire commitment to make sure that everything could run as smooth as possible. Especially, the ones that helped each other out with support to whom was needing it the most.

You’re our family, who helped us to keep working and gave us the necessary support to be ok even when the world seemed to be insane.

To all of you, I wish to say thank you.

We hope to say Thank you for even better reasons next year.

Stay safe.”

Rui Nunes
sendXmail(s) Founder

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Rui Nunes

About Rui Nunes

Rui Nunes is the Founder of sendXmail(s), Email Marketing and Automation Full Service Agency.

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