Finally, all is ready to perform and deliver great service at sendXmail version 2.0 with the quality standards that I demand me and my projects.

To give you an idea about what happened in the last few months, my team and I just focused in shipping to the market the product as it was, the fast as we could, with minimum viable value to understand the receptivity of the market itself to sendXmail full-service email marketing and automation services. You know how it goes. Just to see if it had some traction.

It did!

More than we thought it would be. That has put us in a lot of pressure and stress to launch sendXmail┬áversion 2.0 of the product itself aggregated with the other services that our clients demanded as critical to their success. That’s why we take so long to produce the entire infrastructure and linkable services like the Full-Service option and the Landing-Pages feature. But hey, it’s great since this means that we had much more success than we thought at first.

Not only that, even with crappy website design and poor content, we have won great and powerful brands that trusted us with their email marketing campaigns. That has made us humble and understand the great responsibility at hand.
So, the focus until now was to make the best platform possible with the required features to accomplish our client’s desires at the same time that we answered to our first client’s needs.

That has fortunately worked perfectly and finally, we have all consolidated, and I’m so proud of my team since they’ve worked tirelessly to deliver it in time becoming one of the most profitable branches of services in direct digital marketing in the world.

sendXmail version 2.0

Have you stopped for a moment to reflect on this?
Through sendXmail version 2.0, you can have one of the easiest and powerful platforms to send email marketing and automation campaigns to your subscribers since you’re not alone and have the total support of our top email marketing and automation experts to give you strategy and know-how to accomplish the ROI of your efforts by using one of our Landing-Pages to filter and funnel your potential customers into real clients.

If you want to test the new platform, use our top expert team to leverage your email marketing campaigns and convert it through a special designed Landing-Page. We’re focused in ROI since its the only way to maintain the profitability of your digital marketing actions, so give us a try and we won’t let you down for sure, or we’ll give your money back. That’s how serious we are about our performance.

Thanks for the support and understanding at this time!

Rui Nunes

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Rui Nunes is the Founder of sendXmail(s), Email Marketing and Automation Full Service Agency.

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