We’ve come across some confusion today about if it is or not Email’s Birthday. Or should we say, the birthday of the first time a digital message was sent between two different computers in two different line connections. Something close to this! 😉

Some media has mention that today, Email as we know it was having it’s 45th Birthday. Well, if we search a bit, it’s a common idea that it’s incorrect. Actually, I don’t have any idea of the actual day this has happened. I don’t see a reliable source to refer to.

So, please, avoid mentioning that TODAY is Email’s Birthday and go on with it.

It’s not Email’s Birthday today.

Someone asked Larry Page on how he decides to invest and buy companies. He just said that he uses a technique called the “Toothbrush test”. This test relies in getting value from something that people use at least once or twice a day and make people lives better. Well, something tells me that Email does that for people. That’s why they have Gmail and has become one of the biggest email providers in the world.

However, as anything that is massively used by people, it needs to be tamed and filtered to work with some sanity. That’s where professional emails tools, filters and services come to place. Email is on our daily lives and if we know how to use it properly and to our benefit it can really make people lives better.

Not by accident, Gmail has made a new app for smartphones and desktop for people to be able to see beyond the clutter and get the real and important messages. It’s called Inbox and it’s getting great reviews from media around the world.

Email is part of our daily lives.

For those, companies and professionals I mean, that are worried about these new filters and ways for people to see their messages in bundles like promotions or notifications, must remember that you don’t run to be seen at the inbox. It would be best if you focused on getting people to SEARCH for you in their email messages. In getting people to miss you when you don’t send them an email.

When you accomplish that, there’s no app, filter or whatever that will block you from your fans and loyal customers.

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