The very best email platform for your business is in the mind of everyone that handles email marketing.

However, is easier said than done to find the very best for you.

Precisely to help you decide, we’ve made this content to help you decide. It’s divided in two parts:

Email Marketing is NOT a Platform

We’ve already mentioned that email marketing is not a platform before.

To reinforce that notion, here’s a video of me, as founder of sendXmail(s) explaining in detail, why I think changing email platforms is nonsense, most of the times:

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What's the Best Email Platform for my Business?

The second part of this content to help you define what’s the best email platform for your case in particular, we have a detailed checklist or ebook, if you prefer.

The idea is to help you study what could be the best alternative for your case in particular.


Now you have everything that you need to know to select your new email platform or… you can avoid changing it at all.

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4200% ROI
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Rui Nunes is the Founder of sendXmail(s), Email Marketing and Automation Full Service Agency.

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