People are struggling around the world due to this COVID-19 surge. Our team can’t help them in any other way than by #stayingathome as we all should and do all the best practices requested by the health organisms in each country.

However, there’s a way for us to help plenty of people if we help Businesses keep thriving. Businesses mean work, employment and paychecks to families. So, we’re opening a help channel right here in this page. If your business is struggling to reach out to your customers due to not having the know-how or technology, fill in this form below. Present your struggles and if we find that we can help with our resources, we WILL. We won’t charge you for this help if your business or brand is struggling and you can’t pay.

It’s in times like these that we need to reach out and help each other. All the sendXmail(s) team is humbled to be of assistance in this time of need.