As you may already know, we aim to help marketing professionals in any means that we can, and quite recently we’ve made a special partnership with APPM – Associação Portuguesa dos Profissionais de Marketing to really implement best practices in Email and Mobile Marketing in the Portuguese Marketing Community.

We’re also preparing special perks for APPM Associates, but it’s yet too soon to talk about it.

Stay tuned for the next developments and we strongly recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter to be always updated about this special deal and partnership and also to learn all about Email & Mobile Marketing best practices.

Rui Nunes

Author Rui Nunes

Rui Nunes is the Founder & CEO of sendXmail, focused in getting the best ROI from your email & mobile marketing strategies with a Full Service program where the sendXmail team applies the expertise gathered from years of experience into your marketing objectives, through state of the art technology.

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