This is a simple, yet sincere message from sendXmail(s) founder where it’s intended to be a declaration of intentions.

First, for you to understand the motivation behind sendXmail(s) creation, I need to talk a bit about myself. But don’t worry, it’s a single paragraph.

I was in the startup launch team of Canalmail. One of the largest Permission Based Portuguese and Spanish Language Database in the World. From 0 to an astonishing 3 figure million Permission Marketing subscribers segmented by social-demographic and interest topics data. It was one of the most interactive and profitable database for Email Marketing in the world, so I’m very proud for being part of the genesis of this company that eventually have grown to other markets and become the MediaResponse Group. My last years in the company was as the Country Manager for Portugal in developing several brands in that specific market.

Having this experience, and working closely with the biggest brands in the market, helping them to achieve the desired ROI with their Email Marketing Campaigns, has brought me to foresee a bigger picture. And the idea was quite simple.

If a brand is doing this great Return of their Investment with a Permission Based External Database, what could they accomplish with a Internal Proprietary Database of Customers or Brand Fans? Well, as you already imagine, this wasn’t new for several years. But nevertheless I can’t count how many times brands haven’t use this great resource to their advantage. Sometimes is just something relegated to an obscure page in their website just to say that they have one.

So, something needed to be changed and has become obvious to me and some of my team members, that have chosen to embark in this adventure, that this needed a different approach.

Yes, educating the brand’s marketing executives is essential to really empower this market and we have a special department working on that. We provide a full class of educating programs for executives to really take their Email and Mobile Marketing to another level. But that already exist in the market as well, so there’s not a key wave changer.

What has become clear to us is that unless brands have a real notion of the value of using this media, they will not engage the right way with their subscribers. What’s the fast pace solution then? Well, WE DO IT!

That’s a short explanation behind the idea of starting sendXmail(s). Of course, there’s so much more added to this, but I just want you to have a pretty close idea about what has made us take this step and offer sendXmail(s) Full Service Plans.

What we aim is to provide the expertise and the top Email and Mobile Marketing Platforms in the market to the Brand’s benefit without the need to hire individually someone. That would be very expensive (if he/she’s good) to handle this media for the company and it could be a roadblock for the brand to finally take action. This way, our customers have the certainty that they’re supported by a team of experts in their fields and that they’re using the best tools to accomplish the most profitable marketing efforts.

Bottom line: Working with us, will take your Digital Marketing to another level and bring ROI for your company. That’s our goal. That’s why we created sendXmail(s)!