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Welcome to sendXmail

sendXmail(s) is a proprietary brand of ExclusivePixel Ltd, dedicated to providing the very best value from Email & Mobile Marketing strategies for your company, supported by the expertise of a dedicated team and the robust technology of Email & Mobile Platforms.

We’re located in Lisbon, Portugal on the West Coast of Europe and originally a country of adventurer sailors that helped discover most of the “New World”. We have that same spirit and the team is always trying new things and always improving to reach new achievements.

What Our Clients Have to Say

sendXmail has been our preferred email marketing communication service. A reliable service that provides the indicators and analysis information we need to monitor our campaigns.

Miguel CovasInformation Planet

Working with sendXmail has been a very positive experience. We send our newsletters fast, efficiently and personalised. The reports are very thorough and help us improve our performance. Most importantly, it's a simple, clear and very practical.

Cláudia CadeteClubMed


sendXmail is all about Remote workplace supportive.


At sendXmail(s) we’re all about remote workforce. It’s good for our co-workers, it’s good for our clients, it’s also good for the brand. 😉

Industry Supportive

It's on our DNA to support our industry with development and insights.

Industry Supportive

To create a healthy environment in our industry, we need to keep innovating. To do so, we help several platforms to evolve and apply best practices.

Work Hard, Play Hard

There's definitely a need for work and personal life balance.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Even though we try to advocate a division between personal and work life, it’s usual to influence each other. So, we address that as well.

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