sendXmail(s) is an ExclusivePixel’s, Ltd. brand, devoted to doing awesome Email Marketing and Automation to our clients. We’re working since 2012 and our team is 100% remote around the globe to make sure that we can serve our global clients 24/7. It’s also a great way to work from whenever we want and enjoy what our planet has to offer.

We like to think that our base is located in Lisbon, though. It’s where our founder was born, and it’s also where the sendXmail(s) project first came into the light.

Our services range from a full-service standpoint to a per need solution.

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From the very beginning we're a big supporter of remote work.

Remote Work

All our staff works from remote locations around the world. It's fun for us and our customers also benefit from it.
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Industry Supportive

Our team helps and consults several email marketing companies.

Industry Supportive

It's in our DNA to keep evolving and innovating the industry we love so much. We help several email marketing companies and try to make a positive impact.
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Sharing Knowledge

We can only benefit from an informed market.

Sharing Knowledge

If we have an informed market, the all industry will benefit. The best practices and know-how must be shared to have the necessary impact in the market.
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Reach out to our team with your questions or feedback. We’ll be happy to answer as fast as we can. Usually we take about 24 hours (business hours) maximum to reply while most of the times is just a couple of minutes.

You can also reach out to us through our social media channels or other digital chat systems. Have you noticed our chat with one of our customer service colleagues at the bottom right corner?